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‘The 100’ Boss Reveals Levitt’s ‘Emotional’ Scene That Had to Be ‘Sacrificed’ From Series Finale

CW sci-fi drama came to a close Wednesday night

Warning: This post contains spoilers from “The 100” series finale.

Wednesday’s series finale of The CW’s “The 100” packed plenty of drama, but one particularly heart-wrenching scene between Levitt (Jason Diaz) and Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) had to be “sacrificed” at the last minute, showrunner Jason Rothenberg told TheWrap.

Don’t worry, we know exactly what you missed.

The finale was shot in early March just before the production shutdown, forcing the episode to be shot over two days instead of the originally intended three. Rothenberg, who served as writer and director for the ending to the sci-fi drama’s seven-season run, says he got to fit just about everything he wanted into that shocking finale episode — except for one “emotional” scene that we’ll never get to see.

“Levitt was supposed to shoot somebody when they walked into the Stone Room, and that beat alone with the stunt and the effects and the blood on the wall would have taken an extra hour that we didn’t have, so I cut that,” he said.

The scene was supposed to have taken place just after Bill Cadogan (John Pyper-Ferguson) is killed off.

“When they walk into the Stone Room and they see that Cadogan is gone, there was supposed to be a [Disciple] character there who surprises them and is going to shoot Octavia,” Rothenberg continued. “But Levitt shoots him, having his first kill — you know, blood on his hands. It was supposed to be an emotional beat for him that had to get sacrificed for time.”

That would make sense, considering how, later on in the episode, Octavia desperately tries to return the favor by saving Levitt’s life after Sheidheda shoots him on the battlefield — right in the middle of his impassioned speech for everyone to put down their weapons.

In case you’re wondering, though, even if the earlier scene had been kept in, it was never going to affect Levitt’s ultimate fate.

“He was always supposed to get shot on the battlefield and transcend the way he did,” Rothenberg said.

So it’s goodbye to “The 100” — at least for now. As for the status of that prequel series in the works, we’re sorry to say Rothenberg had no updates to give us, but we can keep hoping.