The 6 Best and Worst New TV Shows Named by The PTC: Where Do ‘Scream Queens’ and ‘Supergirl’ Fall on the List?

The organization also weighs in on “Supergirl,” “Life in Pieces” and “Angel From Hell”

Ryan Murphy, take a bow; you’ve invoked the disgust of the Parents Television Council.

Murphy’s new Fox series “Scream Queens,” which premieres Tuesday, tops the PTC’s “worst” list of new shows of the fall season.

The show, which boasts a star-packed cast that includes Emma RobertsKeke Palmer, Lea Michele, Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Jonas, earned a thumbs-down from the PTC for “hateful stereotypes of sorority girls, college deans, racial and ethnic minorities, deaf students, lesbians, and nearly anyone else one could name.” The organization also wasn’t crazy about the show’s violence, which according to the group — spoiler alert — includes a woman being run over with a lawn mower.

CBS, surprisingly, featured prominently on the PTC’s “worst” list with the new offerings “Life in Pieces” (which has “wall-to-wall sex and scatological ‘humor’”) and the Jane Lynch offering “Angel From Hell” (which is “crude, obnoxious and insulting,” said the PTC).

On the plus side, CBS’s “Supergirl” topped the group’s “Best” list, thanks in part to its presentation of “a terrific role model for young girls.”

Read the PTC’s Best and Worst lists below.

“Supergirl” (CBS)
“The Grinder” (Fox)
“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” (The CW)

“Scream Queens” (Fox)
“Life in Pieces” (CBS)
“Angel From Hell” (CBS)