‘The Boys’ and ‘Mulan’ Break Amazon and Disney+ Into Nielsen’s Top 10 Streaming Programs

But “Cobra Kai” on Netflix is No. 1 for the first week of September

mulan cobra kai the boys
Disney+/Netflix/Amazon Prime Video

Netflix’s total domination of Nielsen’s Top 10 streaming programs has finally been infiltrated. For the first week of September, Amazon’s “The Boys” was the No. 3 most-viewed streaming series and the new “Mulan” movie, released on Disney+ due to the coronavirus pandemic shuttering theaters, ranked No. 10. Still, Netflix claimed 80% of the Top 10 slots in the latest week measured. Below are the Top 10 from Aug. 31, 2020 through Sept. 6, 2020, ranked by minutes viewed.
  1. Cobra Kai (Netflix): 2.171 billion minutes viewed
  2. Lucifer (Netflix): 1.415 billion minutes viewed
  3. The Boys (Amazon): 891 million minutes viewed
  4. The Office (Netflix): 843 million minutes viewed
  5. Criminal Minds (Netflix): 675 million minutes viewed
  6. Shameless (Netflix): 639 million minutes viewed
  7. Away (2020, Netflix): 631 million minutes viewed
  8. Grey’s Anatomy (Netflix): 616 million minutes viewed
  9. The Legend of Korra (Netflix): 541 million minutes viewed
  10. Mulan (2020, Disney+): 525 million minutes viewed
“Mulan” is a particularly impressive performer considering it cost Disney+ subscribers $29.99 to watch — and that is on top of the monthly Disney+ subscription fee. And while it is feature length (115 minutes), “Mulan” certainly does not have the number of available hours a “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Criminal Minds,” “Shameless” or “The Office” binge could consume. This was the first week Nielsen reported minutes streamed for Disney+ content. Of the nine series on this list, “Away” and “The Boys” technically had the fewest number of available episodes. The No. 1 program, “Cobra Kai,” had the third-fewest. Currently, the Nielsen panel reports minutes viewed on Amazon Prime, Disney+, Hulu, and Netflix. Find last week’s rankings here. “The Boys” returned to Amazon Prime Video with its Season 2 premiere on Sept. 4. “Mulan” premiered on Disney+ on Sept. 4. “Away” launched on Netflix on Sept. 4. Yes, Sept. 4 was a competitive day in the so-called streaming wars. Former YouTube original “Cobra Kai” bowed its first two seasons on Netflix on Aug. 28.  “Lucifer” debuted the first half of its fifth season on Netflix on Aug. 21.


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