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‘The Boys’ Star Aya Cash Says ‘Everyone Should Be Terrified’ of Stormfront and Homelander’s Plans

”Her agenda with his strength and narcissism is a dangerous combination,“ Amazon star tells TheWrap

(Warning: This post contains spoilers for Episode 206 of “The Boys,” titled “The Bloody Doors Off.”)

Be afraid, be very afraid. There are just two episodes left of “The Boys” Season 2 and after last week’s reveal of Stormfront’s (Aya Cash) true identity and Nazi roots, combined with the fact that Homelander (Antony Starr) accepted her proposition that they go to war “for the culture,” Cash tells TheWrap you should be extremely concerned about the supe duo’s plans.

“I think everyone should be terrified of the two of them together,” the Amazon Prime Video star said. “Because her agenda with his strength and narcissism is a dangerous combination. For Stormfront, it’s a win to get him on her side and to have all the information now, because they sort of joined up without him having all the information.”

“And I think Stormfront is trepidatious about letting him know the real deal and when he responds the way he does, she’s like, great, now is the time to take over and make this happen,” Cash continued. “So I think we should all be very afraid of where it’s going with Homelander and Stormfront.”

Last week’s episode of “The Boys” Season 2 ended with the reveal that Stormfront decades-old is actually a Nazi — literally, from the Third Reich — who also happens to be the first supe ever created using Compound V. It’s moment that connects the Stormfront from Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s comics with the one played by Aya Cash on Eric Kripke’s Amazon series.

But in a departure from the comic-book version, a man, Cash’s Stormfront is a woman who was born in Berlin in 1919 and later injected with Compound V by her Nazi scientist husband Fredrick Vought, the founder of Vought. She has outlived both him and their daughter and continued to spread hate for years while disguising herself as superheroes, first as Liberty and now as Stormfront, the newest member of The Supes of the Seven.

“It’s quite a big reveal and I think it’s a way to link back to the comics and to acknowledge the history of the comics while also giving her another layer of horror and the reveal that she’s Liberty and that she’s been doing this for a long long time and that Vought’s original intent was part of her agenda and she’s trying to bring it back,” Cash said.

“It’s a really fascinating twist, too, when you see what’s happened to Vought over the last however many years and where it’s come — but where it originally started and the potential that it could go back.”

A new episode of “The Boys” Season 2 premieres Friday on Amazon Prime Video.