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‘The Case Of: JonBenet Ramsey’ Points to Single Murder Suspect, But Twitter Isn’t Sold

Panel of experts on CBS’ two-part true-crime series concludes brother Burke did it in the kitchen with a flashlight

CBS’ Two-part true-crime series “The Case Of: JonBenet Ramsey” concluded on Monday night, with its panel of law enforcement experts concluding unanimously that the 6-year-old pageant star’s brother Burke killed her in a fit of rage — but that consensus didn’t extend to the Twittersphere.

“I’m on http://CBS.com right now and I can’t tell if I’m watching the JonBenet documentary or the new Kevin James sitcom,” one Twitter user said.

“CBS is realllllllly reaching with this JonBenet ‘doc,'” tweeted another, laying on the incredulity pretty thick.

The five-member panel concluded that Burke Ramsey, then 9 years old, accidentally killed his sister in a fit of rage over either a toy or a pineapple. Twitter took special interest in the pineapple theory.

“Still don’t definitively know who killed #JonBenet but my question is, who tf eats a bowl of pineapple with milk?! #ThatsCrazy,” said one twitterer.

“If having pizza with Burke Ramsey make sure you get him the Hawaiian. Guy would kill for some pineapple. #thecaseofjonbenet #JonBenet,” joked another.

Uproar over the pineapple stems from a bowl filled with pineapple and milk found on a table by investigators, who said autopsy results revealed partially-digested pineapple in JonBenet’s stomach. Theory holds that Burke was eating the pineapple when his sister swiped some, and then he struck her with a flashlight in a fit of rage, accidentally killing her. The theory also maintains that parents John and Patsy Ramsey covered up the incident.

The investigators also revealed that Burke had hit JonBenet with a golf club a year earlier after “losing his temper.”

Naturally, there were those who wanted to believe.

“@CBS I really believe your team solved the murder. #Burke killed his sister. I hope one day there will be #Justice for #JonBenet,” one of the show’s more fervent viewers tweeted.

“PUT THIS CBS JONBENET SPECIAL INVESTIGATION TEAM IN CHARGE OF ALL MYSTERIES PLEASE,” posted another, fighting through a broken Caps Lock button.

However, there were those who felt no closer to closure than they did before the series aired.

“So the A&E documentary and CBS mini series on JonBenet Ramsey basically contradict each other,” wrote one Twitter user.

“omg wtf ~one documentary convinced me it was an intruder + another documentary convinced me it was her brother,” tweeted another, understandably perplexed.

Burke, John and Patsy Ramsey have all denied any involvement in the murder of JonBenet. Patsy died of cancer in 2006.

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