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The Cast of ‘The Wonder Years’ Reunited to Take Selfies, Record DVD Extras (Photos)

Cue totally 80s and 90s kids freakouts in 3… 2… 1….

On Wednesday, the cast of 1980’s and 90’s nostalgia coming-of-age show “The Wonder Years” reunited and took a series of selfies together.

In other news, the internet has now served its purpose and we can go back to penning hand-written letters and listening to radio dramas.

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But really, everything has built to this moment, all the think pieces and excited click bait posts about shows no one actually liked (or at least weren’t very good), all of it just filling space and killing time and setting the stage for the now-grownup (and senior citizen) members of the Emmy-winning dramedy to get back together and shoot the shit for an audience that can summon unfathomable levels of excitement on a moment’s notice.

Fred Savage (Kevin Arnold), Josh Saviano (Paul Pfeiffer), Danica McKellar (Winnie Cooper), Jason Hervey (Wayne Arnold), Dan Lauria (Jack Arnold), Alley Mills (Norma Arnold), and Olivia D’Abo (Karen Arnold) spent the evening together and then posted about it on Twitter, teasing a future series DVD set release. The following photos will excite you.