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‘The Comeback’ Return Trailer Proves Lisa Kudrow’s Character Hasn’t Changed a Bit (Video)

Though perhaps Valerie Cherish is even more desperate, if that’s possible

Don’t call it a comeback — because it probably won’t quite work out again.

Lisa Kudrow‘s jaded former sitcom star character, Valerie Cherish, is returning to HBO next month to try to mount a second premium cable career resuscitation. The only problem is that nine years after the original pay-TV season of “The Comeback,” Cherish is still a terrible human being with an over-inflated sense of self — red flags, even for Hollywood.

At least the peek-behind-the-curtain comedy is still really funny for all of us.

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When cast in an HBO series this time, Cherish snaps right back into action, making life a living hell for those around her, including Paulie G. (Lance Barber) and Jane (Laura Silverman). This time around, she’s even more hungry (read: desperate) for a return to the spotlight, if that’s possible.

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The ¬†trailer includes a classic Jane line — “I saw the cameras and I knew it was you” — as well as a terrible Al Pacino impression by Kudrow.

“The Comeback” returns Sunday, Nov. 9 at 10 p.m. on HBO.

Watch the video above.