‘The Crown’ Season 5 Reigns With 107 Million Hours Viewed in First 5 Days

Netflix launched 10 new episodes of executive producer Peter Morgan’s historical drama on Nov. 9 

Timothy Dalton in "The Crown" Season 5 (Netflix)

“The Crown” Season 5 reigned for Netflix in its first week of release, scoring 107.4 million hours viewed in its first five days and topping all other English-language TV shows.

The historical drama, which tells the story of Queen Elizabeth’s life and reign, premiered its new season on November 9. Creator Peter Morgan’s show dominated Netflix viewing for the week of Nov. 7-13.

This season covers the turbulent ’90s and the dissolution of Charles and Diana’s marriage — featuring a new cast, including Imelda Staunton as Queen Elizabeth, Jonathan Pryce as Prince Philip, Lesley Manville as Princess Margret, Dominic West as Prince Charles and Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana. 

“Enola Hughes 2” was the most-watched English-language movie for last week, with 62.9 million hours viewed, while the French action film “Lost Bullet 2” had 24.3 million hours viewed and topped non-English language films. The Colombian telenovela “Till Money Do Us Part” had 48.6 million hours viewed.

Behind “The Crown” on the English TV list was “Manifest” Season 4 (74.8 million hours); “Love Is Blind” Season 3 (47.3 million hours); “From Scratch” (31.3 million hours) and “Warrior Nun” Season 2 (26.2 million hours).

During the week of Oct. 31, Netflix titles that received high viewership including “Enola Holmes 2” (64.08 million), “Manifest” (57.06 million) and “Till Money Do Us Part,” a non-English series that had a viewership of 52.23 million.

Back in October, Staunton spoke with TheWrap about how “The Crown” production was moving in a different direction with its cast and crew. 

“It was very sad, indeed, particularly for the crew who had been doing it since Day 1,” Staunton told TheWrap. “We started filming Season 6 on Wednesday, and the Queen died on Thursday, so we then stopped filming for a while and then resumed. I personally resumed the day after the funeral. So there’s no doubt about it, it was a very sad and strange time for all of us, knowing that we had to continue. We couldn’t stop completely. So you have to regroup and carry on, and so we did and we are, and it’s wonderful to do.”