The CW-Netflix Deal to End, CW Shows to Be Shopped Separately

Deal had been in place since 2011

Batwoman, Nancy Drew, Katy Keene split
Batwoman, Nancy Drew, Katy Keene

The eight-year deal between The CW and Netflix is coming to an end, an individual with knowledge of the situation has confirmed to TheWrap.

The deal was struck in 2011 between Netflix and The CW’s parent networks, CBS and Warner Brothers. It was renewed in 2016, but now the parties have decided to part ways. Warner Bros. TV declined TheWrap’s request for comment.

But, that doesn’t mean any CW shows currently on Netflix are going away — “The Flash,” “Riverdale” and “Dynasty,” and any other CW show already on Netflix will remain there, and Netflix will continue to add more seasons for the shows’ remaining lifetimes. The end of the deal means that The CW’s full slate of shows won’t all be guaranteed a spot on Netflix. Moving forward, bids for each individual show will have to be submitted, reflecting the streamer’s move away from output deals and towards cherry-picking specific shows.

So where does that leave the CW’s new fall shows, “Batwoman” “Katy Keene” and “Nancy Drew?” According to Deadline, each is being shopped individually to streaming services by their respective studios. Of course, any new deal will still be considered a “library” pact, meaning each show will still have its original run on The CW’s digital platforms, and won’t go up on a streaming service until after the season finale has aired on The CW.

After that, the shows could each end up on different streaming services. That choice will be up to the studios that own each show — “Batwoman” is owned by Warner Bros TV, “Nancy Drew” is owned by CBS TV Studios, and “Katy Keene” is produced and distributed by WBTV.