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‘The Daily Show’ Begs Canada to Invade the US to Restore Democracy – and Bring Health Care (Video)

”If enough of us ask and we do it politely, they can’t say no,“ Dulcé Sloan jokes

On Thursday, “The Daily Show” correspondents advanced a novel solution to the many ills the United States is experiencing in this absolutely wild year: Convince Canada to invade us.

In the clip, correspondents Roy Wood Jr., Michael Kosta, Dulcé Sloan, Jaboukie Young-White and Desi Lydic began by listing various qualities normally associated with failed states. “A country ravaged by disease,” “where the economy has collapsed,” “where soldiers patrol the streets,” and “a government gasses its own people.”

“What if I told you that country is America,” Lydic said.

“Plot twist!” Sloan added.

The correspondents argued that “America needs a return to democracy,” and as Wood put it, “if there’s one thing America knows, it’s when a country needs democracy, you invade it.”

“That’s right, we’re asking the good people of Canada to invade us,” Kosta said.

“Some of our states are already basically Canadian,” Young-White said. “Uh, Minnesota,” pronounced with an exaggerated accent, “Maine, the uh, the non-Detroit parts of Michigan.”

“We’re right next to you. Just invade us for the weekend and see if you like it,” Kosta said.

“We’ll still have racism, but it’ll be polite, Canadian racism,” Sloan joked.

“And Canada, we apologize for making fun of you so much. We’re so sorry,” Wood said, pronouncing it in the Canadian “sore-y” way before laughing. “Look, y’all make it easy.”

“We’re just jealous of your functioning health care system which, if you don’t mind, bring that with you,” added Young-White.

“We did great under our last black president. We’re willing to try yours,” Wood joked, referring to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s blackface scandal.

And all the correspondents agreed that they want to “f— a Canadian.”

At the end, they rolled out a petition which you can check out for yourself that explains the whole gag in more detail. No, it won’t make Canada actually invade the U.S., but it’s funny stuff. Meanwhile, watch the whole clip above.

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