‘The Daily Show’ Channels Fox News to (Incorrectly) Explain Coronavirus (Video)

Desi Lydic “Foxplains” in web-only clip

On Thursday, “The Daily Show” correspondent Desi Lydic attempted to re-create the experience of watching Fox News by incorrectly explaining the ins and outs of the coronavirus pandemic in a web-only gag called “Foxplaining.”

In the clip, which was also reminiscent of Jordan Klepper’s short-lived “The Opposition,” Lydic said she’s been binge-watching Fox News for 48 hours, and so it is she attempted to explain the crisis in a style reminiscent of the conservative news channel’s style and tone.

“First off, the World Health Organization? Or as I like to call it the World HELL Organization,” Lydic began, “tag-teams with the Communist Democrat Republic of China. Whose president, by the way, has the same barber as George Soros. Coincidence? Yeah, if you’re Chuck Schumer, maybe.”

Then she talked about Dr. Anthony Fauci, or as she called him, “‘Doctor’ Fauci.” “You know where this guy went to school? Burisma,” a reference to the Ukraine-based company at the center of unproven claims about Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden.

“Hillary Clinton,” Lydic non-sequitured, “or as I like to call her, Hydroxychloroquillary Clinton. That’s part one, now, part three: 5G. COVID-19? More like COVID-50.”

“This is a pandemic, not a pot-demic. Washington legalizes weed and now they’re the first state hit three months before 420?” she continued.

Other highlights from the (very funny) video:

“What does the G in 5G stand for? Gluten.”

“Democrats want to vote by Quibi? Huh, uh uh, no. Not in my country.”

“Every patriotic American should call their senator and say ‘please, let me die.’”

There’s plenty more, and it’s good stuff. Watch the whole clip above.