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The Daily Show Counts Down Trump’s Top 100 Scandals – Watch Part One (Video)

Has it already been 4 years? Has it only been 4 years?

On Thursday, you might have been watching the second and final (thank goodness) 2020 Joe Biden-Donald Trump presidential debate, and you probably came away slightly exhausted by uh, at least one of the two candidates.

Now “The Daily” show didn’t cover the debate, but it did whip up some apropos content in the form of a new 4-part segment narrated by Roy Wood Jr. commemorating the looming end of Trump’s first (and maybe only?) term in office with a list of the top 100 scandals of Trump’s first term. Yes, 100.

“Scandals. Every president had one. But while most presidents are only known for one big scandal, Donald Trump has truly changed the game,” Wood says in his introduction. Wood continued, saying that over the segment’s four parts, “we’re gonna celebrate them all. The ones you forgot, and the ones you wish you could.”

And so began the countdown of the first 25 of “Donald Trump’s 100 Most Tremendous Scandals.” Of course, we’ll concede some of the things on this list aren’t scandals so much as just really weird and disturbing things Trump has done since becoming president. And we’d probably rank a few items (like the Post Office entry) a bit higher. But you can judge for yourself in the clip above.

Of course, if you’re unable to watch, we’ve listed them off in full for your convenience below. And in case you’re wondering, yes, they’re all true, and we’ve included the links to prove it.

100) Trying to Buy Greenland
99) Talking Sex With Boy Scouts
98) Proposing Military Parade
97) Getting Policy Advice at Mar-a-Lago
96) No “Thank You” for John McCain Funeral
95) Suggesting Rep. John Dingell Is in Hell
94) Shoving Foreign Leader
93) Retaliating Against Sanctuary Cities
91) Violating Presidential Records Act
91) Threatening to Attack Heritage Sites
90) Apologizing for Hitler
89) Firing Scaramucci After 10 Days
88) Ivanka’s China Trademarks
87) Hiding Visitor Logs
86) Asking Black Reporter for Meeting With Congressional Black Caucus
85) Not Recognizing Frederick Douglass Is Dead
84) Giving Rush Limbaugh the Presidential Medal of Freedom
83) Obsessing Over Bathrooms
82) Telling Greta Thunberg She’s Too Angry
81) Accusing Joe Biden of Drug Abuse
80) Meeting Kanye
79) Blaming the FBI for the Parkland Massacre
78) Messing With the Post Office
77) Melania Trashing Christmas

And for #76, “The Daily Show” took a deep look at one of the more serious scandals of the Trump years: How he has apparently enriched himself by funneling campaign or government money to his businesses. This includes bilking the Secret Service for hundreds of thousands of dollars and blatantly lying about, as well as massive, unconstitutional conflicts of interests.