‘The Daily Show’: Desi Lydic Drags MTG for ‘Dissing’ Stepmothers Considering She ‘Has the Most Stepmom Energy’ (Video)

“Remember that white coat?” she mocked. “That’s the coat you wear when you’re f—ing someone’s dad”

Marjorie Taylor Greene turned her ire onto stepmothers at a committee hearing this week, which was something that absolutely baffled “The Daily Show” host Desi Lydic — mostly because, according to Lydic, Greene herself radiates “stepmom energy.”

At a hearing this week about COVID school closings, Greene put Teachers Union president Randi Weingarten in her crosshairs, asking the woman if she’s a mother. When Weingarten clarified that she is a stepmother, Greene later dismissed her insights because Weingarten is “not a medical doctor, not a biological mother, and really not a teacher.”

“What the hell was that about? Listen Marjorie, you don’t get to decide who’s a mother or not,” Lydic bit back after watching the moment. “That job exclusively belongs to gay men on TikTok.”

Lydic then got a bit more vicious, calling out Greene’s own vibes, particularly on the day she heckled President Joe Biden from the House floor.

“It’s a little weird to hear MTG dissing stepmothers, because this woman has the most stepmom energy I have ever seen,” Lydic mocked. “Remember that white coat? OK, that is not the coat you wear when you’re a mom. That’s the coat you wear when you’re f—ing someone’s dad.”

You can watch the full segment from “The Daily Show” in the video above.