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‘The Daily Show’ on the Way Donald Trump Stands: ‘It’s Iconic’ (Video)

Add the president’s posture to the list of things he’s come under scrutiny for

There’s a long list of things President Trump has been scrutinized for in the last week: whether or not he asked Attorney General William Barr to hold a news conference saying he didn’t break any laws during his July call with Ukraine’s president; whether that call involved quid pro quo with a foreign nation; whether he defamed author E. Jean Carroll — one of women accusing Trump of sexual misconduct, etc. Now, you can add how he stands to that list.

On Thursday, ‘The Daily Show” took aim at the president’s posture. But rather than criticizing it, the Comedy Central show enlisted the help of “posture expert” Augustus Mandrake (comedian Michael Kosta) — the head of the fictitious Academy of Standing Normally in a Way That Isn’t Weird — who described Trump’s stance as “iconic.” Mandrake boasted Trump was one of his students.

Mandrake’s posture technique is simple: “spine curved, arms up, ass out.”

“You see the way most people stand, it’s wrong,” Mandrake explained. “That’s why I teach the natural way, the way evolution intended,” he added, holding an evolution chart showing Trump’s stance as the ultimate stage.

Later, Mandrake revealed that Trump not only attended the Academy of Standing, he also graduated valedictorian from the Academy of Sitting Like a Regular Person Who is Definitely Not Incredibly Strange.

In real life, Trump attended Fordham University before transferring to the Wharton School of Business in Pennsylvania. Profiles from the 1970s of Trump included claims that he graduated first in his class at Wharton, but the program from his commencement ceremony showed him graduating without honors of any kind, according to the New York Times.

Watch the “Daily Show’s” take on Trump’s posture above.