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‘The Daily Show’ Gives Trump the ‘Drunk History’ Treatment (Video)

And it’s pretty funny

In a rare network crossover, “Drunk History” co-creator and host Derek Waters showed up on Monday night’s episode of “They Daily Show” for a guest sketch called “Trump History” that looked at some of Trump’s wackier statements about American history.

If you have never seen “Drunk History,” here’s the deal: every episode, a comedian is invited to get very drunk, then talk on camera about a favorite story from history. The inebriated recounting of the past is used as the script for a reenactment of said events, usually featuring other comedians in the roles of important people of history.

Now, Trump is a famously self-proclaimed teetotaler, so “Trump History” doesn’t featuring him drinking. It does feature a weird retelling of the American Civil War, featuring statements he’s made about people like Abraham Lincoln (including his coining of the weird word “imigining”) and Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee. It helps, of course, that Trump’s off-the-cuff oratorical style has kind of a slurry quality.

The clip features the cast of “The Daily Show” in various roles, and like the normal version of “Drunk History,” it’s pretty funny. Watch the whole clip above.