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‘The Daily Show’ Has White People Explain Why Latinos Are So Damn Terrifying (Video)

Danny Trejo shows Texans they don’t have to fear brown people

With “The Daily Show” shooting their show from Austin, Texas this week, correspondent Al Madrigal set out to discuss the problem of illegal immigration with a few of the local folk. What he found was some good old-fashioned racism.

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“If you look around, there’s a lot of Hispanic people,” one woman said. “I’m not racist, or anything, but they’re just going to keep populating. We might have two kids, what do they have? Four or five?”

Madrigal, who is Latino himself, spoke to another woman who flat out told him: “All cultures are not equal.”

“I live in Koreatown,” she explained. “Koreans are fine. Koreans are like Chinese. You don’t see problems with the Chinese immigrants even though they’re illegal.”

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Sherriff Richard Jones offered Madrigal a solution to curb the influx of Latinos crossing the border into the U.S. – take away the free stuff.

“You get a computer when you come here,” Jones said. “They get new computers, they get their car payments, they get their house payments, they get free medical care. It’s welfare at its worse.”

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As scary as these Texans make illegal immigrants sound, Madrigal one-upped their fear mongering with the help of “Machete” star Danny Trejo. The actor appeared in a vignette of would-be violent scenes that turn out to show, he’s just a normal dad, not some blood-thirsty Latino killer.

In the eyes of some Texans though, he’ll always be the latter.

Watch the video from “The Daily Show” above.