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‘The Daily Show’ Imagines Bad Guy Action Figures Inspired by Real-Life Coronavirus Bad Guys (Video)

Bit is a response to news of action figures based on IRL heroes like doctors and grocery store workers

This week, Mattel announced a limited-edition line of new action figures inspired by real-life heroes of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but on Thursday’s “The Daily Show,” Trevor Noah noted that the line needs bad guys. So he came up with some.

The line from Mattel subsidiary Fisher-Price, called #ThankYouHeroes, features toys inspired by essential workers including doctors, nurses, EMTs and even grocery store workers. If purchased before May 29, net proceeds from the toys will be donated to #FirstRespondersFirst, a charity that provides essential equipment services such as protective gear, child care, food, and mental health support to front line health care workers.

“This is such a powerful message to send to the kids,” Noah said after explaining the situation. “You don’t need to have super powers to be a hero. You can be a doctor. You could be a delivery person. Or you can be Hawkeye,” Noah joked, referencing the Avenger whose super power is using a bow and arrow.

But while the line of toys will allow kids to create play out scenarios starring the people who are keeping us alive and fed, Noah noticed a small oversight. “I really think this is a great way to show these kids who the real heroes are. But if they really want kids to play with these toy heroes, toy makers need to remember, you need villains too,” Noah said.

Then of course Noah offered some suggestions. “You need the senator who doesn’t want to pay these workers a living wage. Or we need the dude who bought up all the hand sanitizer and is reselling it for 10 times the normal price,” Noah suggested.

“Or we need that evil guy who only washes his hands for 10 seconds,” Noah continued. “You monster.”

Watch the whole clip above right now.