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‘The Daily Show’ Imagines if Weed Was Advertised on TV Like Legal Drugs (Video)

Watch out for those side effects

If you want to know what TV commercials might look like if marijuana is ever fully legalized in the U.S., “The Daily Show” put together a pretty damned funny video imagining just that.

The bit was inspired by a medical marijuana company that on Monday said CBS rejected an ad it wanted to air during the Super Bowl. CBS hasn’t commented one way or the other as to whether this is true, but on Wednesday’s episode of “The Daily Show,” Trevor Noah said he supports the idea, especially if marijuana ads looked like commercials for any other pharmaceutical product — including the required listing of side effects.

Cue the fake commercial, which like ads for prescription drugs began by touting the many purported benefits of weed for people suffering from “stress, headaches, or glaucoma, however you pronounce that.” According to the ad, “weed is a non-invasive motivational inhibitor” that gives users “chill, chill vibes throughout the body.” But then come the side effects, which include such maladies as “red eyes,” “Mario Kart thumb,” and “inviting white guys with dreads into your home.”

It’s pretty funny stuff and we won’t spoil the rest. You can watch the clip in the video above — the bit about marijuana kicks in at the 1:22 minute mark, while the fake ad itself begins at 2:44.