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‘The Daily Show’ Imagines Other Compromised Trump Phone Calls Besides Just Ukraine (Video)

Bit comes during a deep dive into the latest crazy developments in the ongoing impeachment inquiry

On Thursday, Trevor Noah examined the latest developments in the Donald Trump impeachment inquiry, including new information about Trump’s phone call with the president of Ukraine, and took a second to imagine other compromising phone calls the president may have had.

The gag came late in the segment, when Noah noted that that the whistleblower complaint which sparked the inquiry mentioned not just Trump’s July 25 phone call with Volodymyr Zelensky, but calls with other world leaders as well. Noah also mentioned the report that Trump attempted to conceal the complaint and other calls by storing official summaries of them on a secret server.

“Nobody has access to those calls, so there’s no way to find out,” Noah said. Then he added: “Or at least, there was no way to find out.” Noah then joked that “The Daily Show” placed a spy in the White House who recorded other Trump phone calls.

The first recording featured a Trump impersonator speaking to someone impersonating German chancellor Angela Merkel. “Angela, if you don’t help me win my reelection, I’m gonna tell everyone Hitler was German,” fake Trump says.

The next call featured “Trump” threatening to declare Popeyes Chicken a terrorist organization if they don’t give him the new spicy chicken sandwich. And the third call featured “Trump” trying to get out of saying “I love you” to his son, Eric. Funny stuff, and you can watch the whole thing above.