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‘The Daily Show’ List of Trump’s Top 100 Scandals Continues With ‘Sharpiegate’ and More (Video)

Show finally gets to weird Jeffrey Epstein ties and his support for police brutality

On Monday “The Daily Show” kicked off the last week before election day 2020 with the second installment of its 4-part series, “Donald Trump’s 100 Most Tremendous Scandals.”

Where last week counted down from 100 to 76, part two counted down from 76 to 100, and included quite a few oldies but goodies (baddies), like the administration’s absurd lies about the size of Trump’s inauguration, and several we completely forgot about, like massive corruption at several cabinet departments. It’s been a busy 4 years.

“What does it take to be the worst? Luck? Talent? Jared Kushner as your top adviser? Donald Trump has all of these, and it’s helped him the most scandal-ridden president in American history,” said “The Daily Show” correspondent Roy Wood Jr., who once again hosted the segment. “But which of these scandals is the best of the worst? ‘The Daily Show’ consulted historians, political scientists and psychoanalysts, and we ignored all of those people and pulled something out of our ass.”

If you missed it, catch up on part one here, and watch the second part at the top of the page. Of course, if you’re unable to watch, we’ve listed them off in full for your convenience below.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, they’re all true, and we’ve included the links to prove it.

75) Sean Spicer’s ridiculous lie that Trump’s inauguration crowd was the largest in history (it hilariously wasn’t) and Kellyanne Conway coining the phrase “alternative facts” to defender him.
74) The NRA’s financial ties to Russian money.
73) Corruption at the department of Health and Human Services.
72) Corruption at the Environmental Protection Agency.
71) Corruption at the Department of the Interior.
70) Corruption at the State Department.
69) No-bid government contracts for friendly companies.
68) Trump’s acting Attorney General was involved in a company the FTC labeled a “scam”.
67) Numerous alleged Hatch Act violations.
66) The time Trump stormed out of a meeting with Democrats.
65) The Trump administration’s attempts to purge the government of nonpartisan civil servants who aren’t “loyal” to Trump.
64) Trump ordered that Jared Kushner be granted top secret clearance despite concerns from numerous advisers.
63) Violations of the Federal Records Act.
62) Labor Secretary Jim Acosta was forced to resign after being outed as the principle federal official who helped Jeffery Epstein avoid punishment for numerous sex crimes in 2008.
61) A Trump aide was forced to resign after multiple abuse accusations.
60) The botched 2017 U.S. raid in Yemen in which 9 children were killed.
59) Trump keeps blaming California for wildfires occurring on federal land.
58) Trump repeatedly calling for boycotts of American companies he doesn’t like.
57) Trump literally encouraging police brutality.
56) Trump’s horrifically violent, and human rights-violating suggestions for border security.
55) Trump’s threats against so-called “sanctuary cities.”
54) Trump’s childish name-calling.
53) Trump’s false claim that Obama spied on him.
52) Trump’s refusal to denounce the racist right wing conspiracy theory known as QAnon.

And at #52, “The Daily Show” took a deep look at one of the more absurd scandals of the Trump years: Sharpiegate. That’s the time when, in 2019: 1) Trump falsely claimed that Hurricane Dorian threatened Alabama; 2) The National Weather Servicewas forced to issue corrections in order to calm down a public panic; 3) Trump absolutely refused to own up to his mistake and kept lying about it; and 4) Went so far as to dishonestly alter a forecast map by drawing on it with a sharpie and then insist this obvious forgery was official.