‘The Daily Show’ on How the GOP Got Their Groove Back With Young, Black Candidates (Video)

“Republicans didn’t just take Democrats’ seats, they stole their essence,” Jessica Williams explains

Last Updated: November 6, 2014 @ 8:15 AM

Tuesday’s midterm elections paved the way for some new faces in the Republican Party — faces not usually associated with the GOP.

Like South Carolina’s Tim Scott, the first black Senator elected from the South since reconstruction, or Utah’s Mia Love who became the first African-American female Republican to serve in the House. West Virginia and Iowa both elected their first female candidates into Congress, both of whom are Republicans. And two openly-gay Republicans were on the ballot this past Election Day.

“What the fucking kind of bizarro world is this, Jon?” Jessica Williams asked on Wednesday’s “Daily Show.” “They are ‘Single White Female-ing’ the Democrats.”

While the Republicans appear to be getting a fresh new look, Jon Stewart examined just how old the Democratic leadership now looks, likening Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi to mummies.

“Republicans didn’t just take Democrats’ seats, they stole their essence,” Williams continued. “The GOP went from a Brooks Brothers catalogue to a United Colors of Benetton ad.”

Some suggestions for liberals in the House and Senate to liven up their look included getting sleeve tattoos and dressing in Uniqlo clothes. But when Stewart asked 25-year-old Williams if she had any plans to help bolster the Democrats ever-graying contingent, she informed him she’s crossed over to the new minority party.

“Oh, I would do it but I’m a Republican now,” Williams said, before explaining her plans to win an Oscar playing Mia Love in her biopic, “The Road to the Ovary Office.”

Watch the video from “The Daily Show” above.


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