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‘The Daily Show’ Presides Over the Fox News and Donald Trump Divorce Trial (Video)

The verdict goes to whichever party brings the biggest bribe

“The Daily Show” on Tuesday took a look at the rift between Donald Trump and Fox News that emerged last year and, for now at least, appears to be ongoing, and to help resolve things the show’s cast presided over divorce proceedings for the former president and his once favorite ‘News’ channel.

“The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah kicked things off by reminding viewers of the good times. “For four years, they treated Trump the way a white lady treats her dog: He was a good boy, and if he peed on you, it was your fault,” Noah joked.

But then, Noah said, ‘sometime between Trump’s campaign for reelection and his campaign for insurrection, the relationship went south.” Of course, he was referring to Trump’s anger over the fact that Fox News was the first to call Arizona for Trump and, for the most part, didn’t entirely get behind Trump’s attempts to steal the 2020 election.

Trump in fact began bashing Fox News at his rallies and on social media, and started promoting rival conservative cable networks like OAN, and Newsmax, which by and large devoted itself to promoting Trump’s lies and conspiracy theories about the election. A lot of Trump supporters apparently ditched Fox News at his urging, and while it may not be the only factor, Fox’s ratings have sharply declined since November.

Reflecting on that, Noah joked that the Trump-Fox News break up is going to make a really good courtroom drama movie. And then “The Daily Show” rolled out their own version of it called “Trump v Fox News,” featuring Roy Wood Jr. as the judge, Desi Lydic as the Fox News attorney, and Michael Kosta as Trump’s lawyer.

Among the highlights:

Fox News’ Lawyer complained: “My client has suffered too long with a lying racist partner who incites insurrection. They want to find a lying racist partner who doesn’t incite insurrection.”

In response, Trump’s lawyer complained that “my client spent four years promoting fox news shows wherever he went rallies, international summits, other Fox News shows. And what did Fox News do in return? They refused to call the 2020 election for him. Just because Joe Biden won.”

Later, Trump’s lawyer demanded custody of the Republican Party, but the Fox News legal team weren’t having it.

“Absolutely not. That was Fox’s property prior to the relationship,” Lydic’s Fox News lawyer said. “He can have the MAGA base only. I’m talking the Trump tattoo-having, felony live-streaming base, the ones who haven’t combed their beard since the mid 90s.”

“That’s not fair,” Kosta’s Trump lawyer responded. “None of those rioters will even be able to vote from jail in the next election. We want the whole party.”

Soon after, Trump’s team even asked for custody of Fox personalities including Brian Kilmeade, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity, who unlike Trump’s biological children are “the ones he loves.”

“Mr. Trump’s lifestyle simply can’t give them the stability they need to thrive,” Fox News countered.

In the end, Wood’s judge declares that he’ll rule for whoever came with the biggest bribe. There’s more, and you can watch the whole thing above right now.