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‘The Daily Show’ Proposes a Service for Republicans to Keep Up With Latest Trump Impeachment Defenses (Video)

Blue Apron parody promises to move ”at the speed of Trump“

On Monday’s “The Daily Show,” Trevor Noah spent some time looking at the ever-shifting and sometimes contradictory excuses supporters of Donald Trump are using to defend him during the ongoing impeachment inquiry, and suggested a new service that can help them keep up with the latest changes to the narrative.

Noah first noted how defenses of Trump have shifted as more information about his attempts to pressure Ukraine into investigating Joe Biden in order for Trump to benefit politically has emerged. As demonstrated by several video clips, examples included: claims that the whistleblower who brought attention to the scandal is using “hearsay evidence”; denials that Trump isn’t guilty of a crime because the Ukrainian president didn’t go through with an investigation; and claims that even if Trump attempted to do what he’s accused of, it isn’t actually a crime.

There are so many excuses, Noah then joked, that Republicans “need one service that provides them with the best excuses, so they can all get on the same page.” Then he rolled out a commercial, starring Desi Lydic, for “Trump Club,” a Blue Apron-inspired service that provides Republicans with the latest talking points, in real time.

Among the provided defenses were: “It was all Eric’s fault”; Quid Pro Quo is perfectly constitutional; “The fact is you can’t put this president in a peach”; and more. The clip also promised that the service lets people customize their responses by the type of supporter they are, including “Russian troll.”

It’s fun stuff, and you can watch it above.