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‘The Daily Show’ Reimagines Trump’s 2020 State of the Union Speech as a Telenovela (Video)

Prepare for ”El Estado De La Unión“

Donald Trump’s combative State of the Union address was full of drama — and not just when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ripped a copy of the speech up at the end. But could it have been even more riveting as a scripted drama?

According to “The Daily Show,” the answer is hell yes, and they proved it with a fun short video presenting the wild night as the latest installment of a telenovela called “El Estado De La Unión.”

The video, cut like a trailer for an upcoming episode, promises “El drama,” like the moment when Pelosi appeared to try and shake Trump’s hand, only for Trump to petulantly turn away. Then it offers viewers “la pasion,” AKA the moment the Speaker ripped up the speech. Next, we’re promised “El Rushbo Triste,” (“the sad Rushbo”), when right wing personality Rush Limbaugh teared up after being praised by Trump.

The clip also offers up “Las Mujeres Vestidas de Blanco” (“women dressed in white”), referring to female congressional Democrats who wore white to the speech in honor of the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment. And, we’re told, “Los Hombres son Blancos” (“the men are white”) and as seen in the clip, boy are they.

Next comes the stars: “El Presidente Bufon,” which we probably don’t need to translate; “La Reina de la Casa,” obviously referring to Pelosi; and “El Hombre de Mayonesa,” AKA Vice President Mike Pence.

“Esto es America Ahora” — “This is America now” — we’re told. “Ay Dios Mio.” Watch the clip below.