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‘The Daily Show’ Rolls Out Campaign Attack Ad Based on Trump’s Dumb Nickname for Joe Biden (Video)

POTUS has dubbed ex VP ”Sleepy Joe“

On Tuesday, “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah imagined what it would be like if Donald Trump ran a campaign commercial based on the dumb nickname he recently gave to Joe Biden, and it’s pretty funny.

Trump began referring to Biden as “sleepy Joe Biden” after the former vice president announced he is running for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination. “That’s his nickname for him. Which is weird, you have to admit,” Noah said. “Sleeping is just a basic human function. ‘Look at him, he sleeps!’ Um, what?”

However, Noah said that if Biden wins the nomination, he can’t wait to see the attack ads inspired by that nickname. And so it is that Noah cued (a fake) one up.

“Joe Biden says he wants to be president. But is he too sleepy for the job?” the ad asks.

“President Trump is never tired,” the spot continues. “At 3 a.m. when Joe Biden and other babies are in bed snoozing, Donald Trump is tweeting about CNN’s low ratings. So in 2020, ask yourself, do we want a commander in chief who goes to bed at night?”

The ad ends with a voiceover from a Trump impersonator promising “I’m Donald Trump, I haven’t slept in nine days, and I approve this message.”

Watch the whole segment, including a deeper look into Biden’s awkward first day of campaigning, above.

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