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‘The Daily Show’ Staff Gets Into a (Virtual) Fight Over Access to a (Nonexistent) Coronavirus Vaccine (Video)

Jaboukie Young-White talks to Dr. Peter Hotez

Last Updated: March 31, 2020 @ 6:13 AM

On Monday’s episode of “The Daily Show,” correspondent Jaboukie Young-White interviewed vaccinologist Peter Hotez about the efforts to develop a coronavirus vaccine — only to have the whole thing hijacked by his coworkers, who got into a (virtual) fight over who gets access to it.

The bit came during the show’s return to Comedy Central two weeks after the show shut down so its staff members could go into self-isolation. For the time being, they’re calling the show “The Daily Social Distancing Show,” because the staff is still doing everything from home.

Anyway, Young-White spoke via Skype to Hotez, who among other accomplishments leads a team working to develop vaccines for contagious diseases in Texas. Most notably, the team attempted to attain funding to begin human testing of a vaccine for coronavirus-transmitted illnesses back in 2016, but couldn’t generate interest.

During their conversation, Hotez debunked several misconceptions about coronavirus. For example, he broke the news to Young-White that coronavirus infections have led to a remarkable number of people under 40 being hospitalized — as many as 25 percent in some places.

That prompted a funny montage of what Young-White claimed was his weekend — basically badly photoshopped images of him partying with tons of people in close proximity.

The conversation continued — and you should watch the whole thing, as Hotez provides very useful information in an amusing way — until the last 40 seconds, when Desi Lydic interrupted the call to demand access to a vaccine. Soon after she was joined by Roy Wood Jr., Dulcé Sloan, Michael Kosta, and Ronny Chieng, who began arguing over who gets it.

Of course, just in case you’re not clear this was a joke, there is no vaccine yet. Watch the clip above and see for yourself. (Also, practice social distancing if you possibly can!)