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‘The Daily Show’ Rolls Out a COVID-Era Staycation That Sucks as Much as a Real Airport (Video)

Roy Wood Jr. gag is almost too real

In a fun gag parodying one of the weirder COVID-19-era trends, “The Daily Show” on Tuesday rolled an ad for a new service promising to bring a crucial vacation experience to people still quarantining in their homes. Specifically, the experience of just how much it sucks to deal with airports.

So for those catching up, what inspired the gag was a story about what airlines call “scenic flights” but are being colloquially called “flights to nowhere,” where people buy airline tickets for lengthy flights with no destination. These flights, which are supposedly chock full of COVID-19 safety precautions, actually depart from the airport and then, several hours later, returns all passengers back to their point of departure. The idea is that people can have the experience of taking a vacation without actually taking one and increasing their risk of becoming a pandemic statistic.

You can probably spot a few problems with the idea, but as Roy Wood Jr. noted Tuesday, one of the biggest is that the people are basically boiling a vacation down to the worst part of it — the part involving airports.

In the clip, Wood plays Leo Deblin, whose fictional service, “Leo Deblin’s Airport-at-Home,” which promises to give customers “all the stress, frustration and boredom of flying, in your house.”

Among the amenities offered, Wood’s Deblin promises to “inspect your suitcase, and throw half of it out,” take shampoo away from kids, and serve “the world’s soggiest sandwich,” which of course costs $40.00.

Wood also promises to “take up every outlet, so you can’t charge your phone,” replace Netflix with “CNN on mute,” and return people’s luggage “with a weird wet spot on it,” which he adds “could be blood.”

Watch the whole clip above.