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Trevor Noah (and ‘Daily Show’ WiFi) Claim Partial Credit for Eric Schneiderman’s Downfall

Ronan Farrow, who co-authored New Yorker story about anti-Weinstein prosecutor, was a guest on Monday’s episode of ”The Daily Show“

If “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah is right, he can share partial credit for the lightning-quick downfall of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. Well, kinda.

Ronan Farrow, who co-wrote with Jane Mayer the New Yorker story in which four women accused Schneiderman of sexual abuse, was the show’s guest on Monday. And according to Noah on Tuesday’s show, Farrow apparently filed the final draft just before taping his segment.

Noah related how in the green room before filming, Farrow finished and filed a story with his editor. Farrow didn’t say what the story was, but, well, you saw the news yesterday.

“I had no idea he was ending an attorney general’s career over our wifi,” Noah joked. “And since I pay for the wifi I’d like to think that I did my part.”

The story came in the middle of a lengthy “The Daily Show” segment about Schneiderman, who resigned just three hours after the story was published.

Earlier, Noah noted that “the reason the story is getting so much attention is that Eric Schneiderman isn’t just the New York attorney general, but because he’s a national figure now, he’s one of the biggest opponents of President Trump’s agenda… and more than that, because Schneiderman presented himself as an advocate for women.”

Cue video of Schneiderman speaking publicly in support of women reporting sexual abuse.

“It seems this guy was trying to put Harvey Weinstein in jail while abusing women himself. This is like finding out that Robert Mueller has been taking secret vacations with Putin,” said Noah.

Later in the segment, “The Daily Show” correspondent Dulcé Sloan, who said of Schneiderman: “I think this guy is Christian Grey. Only without the looks. Without the money. Without the consent.”

Watch the whole clip above.