Trevor Noah Slams Ivanka Trump for Ditching Equal Pay: ‘Wow, Really?’ (Video)

“Ivanka cares about women the way Donald Trump cares about women… He doesn’t,” adds contributor Michelle Wolf

“The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah is just as disappointed in Ivanka Trump as he is with Kate Winslet’s character, Rose, in “Titanic.” He said as much on Wednesday’s show, after the First Daughter announced that she’s in support of the Trump administration’s decision to roll back an Obama administration policy meant to provide equal pay.

“If you’ve been watching the Trump campaign, you know that one of Ivanka’s big issues is equal pay in the workplace,” Noah said. “Which makes today’s news extremely disappointing.”

“Wow, Ivanka, really?,” the host continued. “She just treated equal pay the way Rose treated Jack. I’ll never let go, pay equality… OK, bye-bye.”

Noah brought in contributor Michelle Wolf to discuss Ivanka’s weak stance, and she wasn’t as surprised as Noah about the First Daughter’s flip flop. “I’m so sick of everyone thinking Ivanka is the voice of reason,” Wolf said. “She could join ISIS and everyone would be like, ‘Thank God she’s there. She’s gonna help ISIS get maternity leave.”

“She lied, because she sucks. Ivanka cares about women the way Donald Trump cares about women… He doesn’t,” Wolf continued.

After Noah played several news clips describing Ivanka as “disappointed” she couldn’t change her father’s mind on several issues, including the Paris Climate Agreement and taking a harder stance on Charlottesville, Wolf scoffed.

“So we’re supposed to believe she’s disappointed because someone heard that she was?” she said. “I feel like when it comes to Ivanka, everyone forgets about lying!”

“Ivanka’s playing both sides,” Wolf continued. “She wants the credit for influencing her dad, but she doesn’t want to get blamed for anything he does. And that’s what Trumps do! They want all of the credit and none of the blame. You just don’t see it with Ivanka because she’s kind of pretty.”

Wolf explained that if Eric Trump were to replace Ivanka, “we’d all see right through it.” “Eric and Ivanka, they’re the same batch of cookies, she just didn’t get dropped on the floor.”