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‘The Daily Show’ Tries to Figure Out if Donald Trump Jr Even Knows Who His Dad Is (Video)

Don Jr. has complained about Andrew Cuomo (sexual harassment accusations), Joe Biden (debunked corruption claims), and Hunter Biden (nepotism accusations)

On Thursday “The Daily Show” parodied “Unsolved Mysteries” for a deep dive into an important a pressing question: Does Donald Trump Jr. have any idea who his father even is?

The Bit — “Unsolved Mysteries: Maga Edition” — featured Roy Wood Jr. as host and was inspired by several of Don Jr.’s recent Fox News appearances where he has complained or advanced accusations about prominent Democrats. The things he mentioned applied very much to his own father, Donald Trump, and even himself.

The clip featured several instances of this. First, the time Don Jr. told Sean Hannity “I wish my name was Hunter Biden. I could go abroad, make millions off of my father’s presidency. I would be a really rich guy.”

“He… knows who his dad is, right?” Wood asked. “‘Cause this is the like the Kool-Aid Man complaining about other people crashing through walls and leaving Kool-Aid Man-sized holes.”

Next up was a clip of the time Don Jr. said “whether it’s Hunter, whether it’s Joe Biden’s brother, whether it’s his sister, they’ve all spent their entire lives profiting off Joe Biden’s taxpayer-funded offices.” This was followed by a clip of Don Jr. mocking Hunter Biden by saying in part, “Here son, here’s every job you’ve ever had.”

“Does Don Jr. think that he got that job at the Trump organization because he wrote a good cover letter?” asked Wood. “Does Donald Trump Jr. not know what the word ‘junior’ means?”

Declaring that this might mean it’s possible that Don Jr. doesn’t know Trump is his father, Wood laid out some evidence. “Investigators have combed through days of footage of Don. Jr. and Donald together, but have not found a single hug, or even an affectionate look between the two,” Wood said.

Further evidence: When Don Jr. said Biden was “potentially the most corrupted” person ever to run for president; when he said Biden “can’t form a complete sentence”; and the time he tweeted “it’s almost like the whole Biden family is entity [sic] dependent on Joe holding public office.”

“If you have any information as to why Donald Trump Jr. doesn’t seem to realize that his father is Donald Trump, please contact ‘Unsolved Mysteries,'” Wood said. “Before he starts complaining that Joe Biden is a racist tax cheat who couldn’t even run a casino. You know it’s coming.”

Watch the whole clip above.