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‘The Daily Show’ Turns All Those Trump Recordings Into a ’90s-Style Pop Compilation (Video)

Trevor Noah notes that POTUS sure knows a lot of people who secretly tape him

On Monday’s “The Daily Show,” Trevor Noah broke down how Donald Trump recently received some awkward news from two of his former associates, marveled at the number of Trump associates who secretly record him, and then the show turned those recordings into a 1990s-style pop music compilation.

To briefly recap, last week saw the release of an unsettling recording in which Trump told angrily talked about then-ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, telling associates at a private dinner in 2018 that he wanted someone to “take her out.” And on Monday, it was reported that in his upcoming tell-all, ex-national security adviser John Bolton said he personally witnessed Trump admitting that his withholding of aid to Ukraine amounted to quid pro quo.

“But another thing this tape demonstrates,” Noah said about the recording, “is that once again, this president has an insane number of people that are secretly recording him. You know how many people have secretly recorded Trump now? Lawyers, aides, henchmen. Basically, everyone Trump trusts with his secrets is wearing a wire.”

Noah then joked that “at this point we have enough tapes to produce an album. Which is exactly what we did” Cue a commercial for a compilation called “Now That’s What I Call Trump Being Secretly Recorded.”

The record, the ad promises, includes secret recordings made by Lev Parnas, Michael Cohen, Omarosa Manigault and more. And, the ad promises, those who order now will receive a copy of “Now That’s What I Call the President Sniffing” which features, well, you know.

Watch the whole thing above (with the fake ad kicking in at the 5:22 mark.