‘The Deuce’ Creator Slams Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey as ‘F—bonnet for Our Time’

David Simon blasts tech exec for deleted tweet

Last Updated: September 17, 2018 @ 12:13 PM

David Simon isn’t done with Jack Dorsey just yet. “The Deuce” creator sounded off on Twitter’s chief exec on Wednesday, calling Dorsey a “f—bonnet for our time” in a lengthy, acid-tongued blog post.

Simon is still riled up after being slapped with a two-week suspension earlier this year for saying Dorsey should “die of boils” — and believes Twitter’s handling of his account crystallizes the platform’s love of censorship. Simon said Dorsey’s “s–itsquib, basement-dwelling minions” pressured him to delete his “boils” tweet, and when Simon refused, decided to stealthily remove the tweet for him.

“That’s right, you took it down yourself, quietly, secretly — and all the while kept pretending that until I did so you couldn’t possibly return me to your platform,” Simon wrote.  “You gutless, cheese-eating, back-dooring f—bonnet.”

Simon continued: “Imagine my amusement to revisit my rusting hulk of thread on the old Twitter battleground and see that I have been studiously denying every one of your entreaties for me to remove this savage affront to personhood of Jack Dorsey, only to discover that no, Twitter and Jack Dorsey could bear it no longer.”

Twitter, commenting to TheWrap, pushed back against Simon’s claims, saying it doesn’t delete tweets.

“When we determine that a tweet violated the Twitter Rules, we require the violator to delete it before they can Tweet again,” a Twitter spokesperson told TheWrap. “We send an email notification to the violator identifying the tweet(s) in violation and which policies have been violated. They will then need to go through the process of deleting the violating Tweet or appealing our review if they believe we made an error.”

Simon’s blog comes after Dorsey has already gone through months of criticism for how Twitter polices its platform. Many have questioned whether the company shadow-bans prominent conservatives —  a claim Dorsey has adamantly denied — while Twitter was also skewered by left-leaning pundits for not joining Facebook, Apple and Google in banning conspiracy theorist Alex Jones last month. Twitter ultimately booted Jones last week for “abusive behavior.”

“The Wire” creator pointed to the “filth” on Twitter — white supremacists, Nazis, the “professional ideological trolls” — and acknowledged the difficulty in making the platform more appealing. But Twitter’s muddled rules, coupled with its inability to enforce them consistently, makes it a laughingstock, according to Simon.

Simon included his two-step “correct response”  to dealing with racists: 1) “tell the f—-r he’s a piece of s–t” and 2) “block him.”

“You suck, Jack,” Simon added. “Seriously. Having had your platform misused against democratic ideals, you’ve now, amid political pressure, embraced censorship as a means to a quick and simple end. But of course as is always the case with censorship, you’ve done so incompetently and without regard to the ethical cost and inevitable blowback. You’ve butchered it. Badly.”

You can read the full 2,000 word blog post here.


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