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Fox News Host Accuses Hollywood of ‘Interference,’ ‘Obstruction’ in Georgia Election (Video)

”The Five“ co-host Greg Gutfeld says celebs like Alyssa Milano, Chelsea Handler are more obnoxious than Putin

Fox News’ “The Five” co-host Greg Gutfeld accused Hollywood of “interference” and obstruction” in Georgia’s special congressional election on Tuesday night, comparing Hollywood celebrities to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Republican Handel beat Democrat Ossoff to win a high-stakes, high-cost Georgia race  to fill Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, which Tom Price vacated to become Trump’s Health Secretary.

Gutfeld pointed out that 7,000 people from California donated to Ossoff, while he received cash from only 800 residents of his own district.

“That tells you who is behind him, people who don’t even live there,” Gutfeld said. “Celebrities like Alyssa Milano, Chelsea Handler… they’re all over this election.”

Gutfeld compared Putin’s alleged failed attempt to meddle in the presidential election to Hollywood’s failed attempt to meddle in the George special election.

“How is this not similar? Here you have one state meddling in another… The only difference is the celebrities, who are way more obnoxious than Putin… You have aristocratic outsiders instructing the rubes on how to vote, undermining an election thousands of miles away,” Gutfeld said. “Talk about interference, obstruction.”

Check out the video above.