CW Superhero Shows ‘The Flash,’ ‘Arrow’ and ‘Supergirl’ to Get Audio Series

Serial Box will work with Berlanti productions on new stories based on “Arrowverse” characters


Fans upset over the impending end to The CW’s “Arrow” now have a way for their favorite Emerald Archer to live on… in audiobook format.

Serial Box, the same company behind the “Orphan Black” sequel audio series, is partnering with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to develop new series based on “Arrow” and fellow “Arrowverse” shows “The Flash” and “Supergirl.” “The Flash” will be the first of the three to launch this fall.

Serial Box is working closely with Berlanti Productions to develop new storylines for the characters. Judging by the logline for “The Flash,” these series will exist outside of the main “Arrowverse” canon.

In Serial Box’s 8-episode version of “The Flash,” Lex Luthor has altered the past so that The Flash, Arrow and Supergirl are now all bad to the bone, fighting for evil and for an altered timeline to become a permanent fixture in the multiverse. But even as the heroes go rogue, their friends and lovers still half-remember the fight to correct the timeline and restore the DC Super Heroes to the right side of justice.

Husband and wife writing team and New York Times bestselling author Gwenda Bond and Christopher Rowe will create and write the new storyline for “The Flash.” Serial Box’s president and co-founder Julian Yap and head of content Hayley Wagreich will produce.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to super-serve fans of these incredibly popular series with new stories,” said Serial Box co-founder and CEO Molly Barton. “We look forward to working closely with the Berlanti team to ensure that their creations make a seamless transition to our audio and reading formats.”

Serial Box said the episodes are the “length of an average commute.” The episodes are available in both audio and reading formats.

For the record: Due to an error in the press release, a previous version of this story listed 10 episodes for “The Flash” instead of eight.