‘The Flash’ Reveals First Look at Mark Hamill as the Trickster (Video)

“Star Wars” veteran plays an incarcerated villain on The CW’s superhero spinoff

Luke Skywalker has finally arrived in Central City.

The CW released a new trailer for “The Flash” Monday and gave viewers a first look at a few of the series’ highly anticipated villains. Among them is The Trickster, played by “Star Wars” veteran Mark Hamill.

The trailer shows Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), aka The Flash, visiting a prison to quiz Hamill’s incarcerated baddie in hopes of gaining insight on a copycat villain terrorizing the town.

Though it’s the first look at Hamill on the CW series, it’s not the first time he’s embodied the Trickster, who is a member of DC Comics’ villainous super-group the Rogues. Hamill also played The Trickster in 1990 on CBS’s short-lived “Flash” series.

Other Rogues shown in the trailer include Weather Wizard (played by “Spartacus’s” Liam McIntyre), who will appear on the March 24 episode, Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) and his little sister Lisa Snart, aka Golden Glider (played by Peyton List).

Watch the video above.