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‘The Flash’s’ Wentworth Miller Talks the ‘Freedom’ and ‘Joy’ of Coming Out (Video)

Actor also tells TheWrap how he became involved with The Trevor Project and whether to expect him back on The CW

“The Flash’s” Wentworth Miller opened up about how his life has improved since penning a letter in 2013 in which he identified himself as gay while protesting Russia’s discriminatory laws against the LGBT community.

“[It’s been] affirming,” he told TheWrap at Sunday’s “Trevor Live,” the annual fundraising gala for gay teen suicide prevention group The Trevor Project. “There has been a lot of love and support from a variety of directions. I feel like I’m more in alignment with who I am. I’m walking my talk and there’s freedom there. There’s joy.”

He was excited to lend his support to Sunday’s Trevor Project event event and help celebrate all of those who have contributed toward helping make the non-profit organization a success.

“They’re doing amazing work, When I got the opportunity to come here tonight to help celebrate the honorees and the volunteers and everyone who has been helped by The Trevor Project. I thought ‘Absolutely, I’d like to be there.'”

After starring famously on Fox’s “Prison Break” with Dominic Purcell, the actors have been reunited again on The CW’s spin-off superhero series “The Flash.” Miller plays the supervillain Captain Cold, while Purcell plays his partner in crime Heatwave.

“I’m coming back every few episodes it seems like,” he said. “I’m one of their go to villains.”

As TheWrap previously reported, Miller is one of several openly LGBT actors currently portraying a comic book villain on The CW.

“I’d like to believe the industry is more LGBT-friendly,” he told TheWrap in October. “I see LGBT characters on TV and I can think of actors who are out and paying the rent.

Miller is a prolific screenwriter, too, with several feature credits under his belt. But on Sunday he said his focus is on being in front of the camera.

“It was getting a little lonely writing in my living room all by myself, it was nice being back on set,” he explained. “I had a movie that just got made called ‘The Disappointments Room,’ with D.J. Caruso directing and Kate Beckinsale starring. But right now for me its about the acting.”

“The Flash” airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.