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‘The Goldbergs’ to Open Season 3 With ‘Risky Business’ Episode

TCA 2015: A ”Thriller“ Halloween script is ready to go — but it’ll probably never see the light of day, Adam Goldberg says

ABC’s comedy hit “The Goldbergs” will take on Tom Cruise classic film “Risky Business” with its Season 3 premiere episode, creator Adam Goldberg told TV critics on Tuesday.

“We’re crashing cars and we’re doing the whole thing — it’s gonna be awesome,” Goldberg said during his Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour panel.

In other potential theme-episode news, the executive producer — whose family the sitcom is based on — also revealed that he has a “Thriller” Halloween script ready to go, but admitted: “It’ll probably never see the light of day.” The Michael Jackson song’s writer doesn’t want his material on TV, Goldberg explained, though apparently film would be fine.

Another possible episode this season could be a Bar Mitzvah for Adam the character, who is played by Sean Giambrone. Continuity on the comedy is getting a bit odd as the actors grow older in real life, but their child characters have stayed the same age. Goldberg addressed the cartoon-esque conceit.

“I haven’t even aged the kids yet in terms of their grades and no one’s really seemed to notice,” he joked.

That said, anything could change should the show continue to be a success.

“If we’re on long enough and we get bored maybe we’ll go to the ’90s, who knows?” Goldberg added.

One consistency that Goldberg would love to stay on trajectory for is his plan to pull off one big movie parody per season. The showrunner knows that if his series can get the rights to another nostalgic movie from the decade, their small screen adaptation would all but be a ratings lock.

That clearly makes his bosses happy, but there is another question beyond just securing the “OK.”

“ABC definitely loves the big, promotable stuff — but can we do it logistically?” he asked aloud.

So far, so good. And the executive producer said he’s currently in negotiations with a studio for an additional film spoof, which may or may not happen. Last year, “The Goldbergs” took on “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”

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