After ‘The Good Fight,’ CBS ‘Open’ to Giving More All Access Shows a Broadcast Run, Kelly Kahl Says

TCA 2019: The network “exposure” for “Good Wife” spinoff has created “an interesting discussion place” for other series, he tells TheWrap

The Good Fight
Patrick Harbron/CBS

“The Good Fight” may not be the only CBS All Access series to get a run on the CBS broadcast network.

The network would be open to re-airing other CBS All Access shows if it helps drive awareness to the company’s five-year old streaming service, CBS Entertainment president Kelly Kahl told TheWrap Thursday.

“I think the results so far have been largely positive. I think everybody is happy with the exposure that “Good Fight” is getting,” Kahl said at the Television Critics Association press tour, adding that there haven’t been any “formal” discussions yet. “I do think it sets up an interesting discussion place for going forward. Ultimately, I think we’ll judge it by: Do people sign up for All Access to see future seasons of ‘The Good Fight?’ But I think if that metric is positive, then we would certainly be open to experimenting further.”

CBS re-aired the first season of “The Good Fight” this summer — the “Good Wife” spinoff is heading into its fourth season — in an effort to give the series more visibility during the Emmy voting period. The Christine Baranski-led drama did not receive a single Primetime Emmy nomination last month.

When asked by TheWrap if Jordan Peele’s “Twilight Zone” would make sense as another All Access series to give broadcast placement, considering Rod Serling’s original version ran on CBS, Kelly demurred.

“I don’t want to speak for All Access, but I think it’s about striking a balance of business interests,” he said. “We strive to be good partners and help wherever we can. But they make their shows for themselves.”