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‘The Good Fight’ to Take Week-Long Break Between Episodes, Cast and Crew Sing in Sweet Virtual Message (Video)

Enjoy their remote rendition of ”You Are My Sunshine“

“The Good Fight” is taking a week-long break between episodes due to production slowing down amid the coronavirus pandemic, so the cast and crew decided to come together from their respective homes to make a heartwarming video message for fans.

“Hello from ‘The Good Fight’ family. We hope you’re well and staying safe during this difficult time,” Christine Baranski, who plays series lead Diane Lockhart, said in the video.

Several cast and crew members from the CBS All Access series appeared in the video representing all of the different departments that make a television show happen, including writers, editors, actors, background cast and stand-ins, post-production, the art department, prop department, costume designers and the wardrobe department, hair and makeup, casting, producers, directors, assistant directors, camera crew, sound, video, electric, grips, the location department, and accounting.

They explained that since production was abruptly shut down last month, they’ve had to take some extra time to adjust to doing the post-production process remotely.

“Working from home has delayed many aspects of post-production and we need one week to catch up,” said actor Nyambi Nyambi, who plays Jay Dipersia.

Series creators Robert and Michelle King were also on hand.

“Our composer scores the episode in Andora as our music supervisor adds songs in Texas, and they send it all to Los Angeles where our music editor puts it in the episode,” said Robert King.

“[They] send it to Manhattan to be mixed, and they send it to Santa Barbara for an executive producer to approve it,” added Michelle King.

At the end of the video, all of the cast and crew took turns singing verses of “You Are My Sunshine” in a move reminiscent of Gal Gadot’s infamous “Imagine” video.

The video will air at the end of Thursday’s episode. There will be no episode next week on April 23, but the series will pick back up with a new episode on April 30.

Watch the video above.