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The Honey Pot Founder Responds to Hateful Comments After Target Commercial Airs (Video)

”All that I’m asking for is for us to have inclusivity across the board,“ Beatrice Dixon tells ”The Real“

The founder of women-led hygiene company The Honey Pot is speaking out about hateful and racist comments left on her website after the company was featured in a Target commercial.

“In a lot of ways I thought it was amazing. Yes, your first thought goes to wanting to be on the defensive. For me, my first thought was ‘Wow, this is really amazing because this really sheds light on what the issue was all about,” The Honey Pot CEO Beatrice Dixon said during an appearance on daytime talk show “The Real” on Wednesday.

In the commercial, Dixon explains how Target’s decision to “take a chance” on her helped her to grow her business. She is heard saying, “The reason why it’s so important for The Honey Pot to do well is so the next black girl that comes up with a great idea — she can have a better opportunity.”

Some of the people who left comments interpreted the ad as racist, but many more left racist comments. You can watch the Honey Pot spot here.

“Those people thought me saying something about black girls was being exclusive, but really all that I’m asking for is for us to have inclusivity across the board,” said Dixon.

Although the commercial has been running since early February, the reviews began pouring in after this weekend.

According to CNN, a spokesman for the review site Trustpilot said The Honey Pot received nearly 18,000 reviews between Sunday night and Monday morning, a large portion of which were automatically blocked by artificial intelligence filters due to the presence of hate speech.

“This is the society we live in. It’s unfortunate that we can’t focus on us being human … unfortunately, we live in a society where color does matter,” Dixon continued. “Thank you to all of those people who said negative comments, a million thank yous to people who have supported us.”

Watch a video of Dixon’s response on “The Real” above.