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The Inevitable Madonna-Taylor Swift Mashup of ‘Bad Blood’ and ‘Bitch I’m…’ Has Hit the Web (Video)

AndyWuMUSICLAND’s ”Bitch, I’m Bad Blood“ nears 100,000 views in just two days

Madonna and Taylor Swift just collaborated on a music video, whether they like it or not.

YouTube user AndyWuMUSICLAND mashed up Madge’s “Bitch, I’m Madonna” and Swift’s “Bad Blood” music videos, creating “Bitch, I’m Bad Blood.” The catchy result earned a bunch of quick “likes” and only a fistful of “dislikes.”

Posted on Thursday, the four-minute, seven-second combo had about 87,000 views at the time of this writing. Perhaps we can help you crack the 100,000 mark, Andy.

The only negative we see in this forced duet is the title card overlay, which too often takes away from the visuals — a big part of the original visual offerings.

Both official videos featured a bevy of their own celebrity cameos, some which crossover into the mashup. Which blonde pop songstress has the stronger Rolodex of famous talent at the moment? Let us know who wins that imaginary battle in our Comments section.

Watch the video above.