The Internet Just Realized Jamie Foxx Isn’t His Real Name

A flurry of bafflement ensues over newly-discovered factoid

Jamie Foxx, host of the new show “Beat Shazam,” is trending right now, but not because of his latest gig. The actor’s real name isn’t Jamie Foxx, it’s Eric Marlon Bishop — and this revelation has hit the internet. Hard.

According to Twitter moments, the groundswell of bafflement spiked after Twitter user @_maccckiller posted a tweet with this realization, causing several others to share in her surprise.

The reason for the name change? Jamie Foxx told David Letterman in 2014 that it was to get a leg up doing stand-up comedy early on in his career. Because women were usually called up first during open mics, he changed his name to be more gender-neutral so he would get called up earlier.

Yes, Jamie Foxx’s birth name has been out there for quite a while. But, clearly, a lot of people didn’t know it until now.

Here are some of the best memes reacting to this mass realization:

This led to searches on the real name of other celebrities, which led to more surprised reactions.

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But some pointed out that it’s not all that surprising, given that celebrities have been changing their names for years.