‘The Keepers’: Baltimore Police Launch Form to Report Sex Offenses Related to Netflix Series

New docuseries investigates multiple sexual abuse allegations by Catholic high school students in Baltimore

the keepers major players sister catherine cathy cesnik

The Baltimore Police Department has launched an online form for people to report sexual offenses related to Netflix’s new docuseries, “The Keepers.”

“We have been contacted by victims from the past who want to report the sex offenses that occurred to them,” the department wrote on its Facebook page.

“The Keepers” attempts to investigate the 1970 murder of Sister Catherine Cesnik, a nun at a Baltimore Catholic high school. The coroner determined she was hit by a blunt object in the head.

The series delves deeply into sexual abuse allegations and a lawsuit against Father Joseph Maskell brought by “Jane Doe,” now identified as Wehner, and “Jane Roe,” since identified as Teresa Lancaster. Throughout the series, the devastation experienced by survivors is laid bare, as is their strength in confronting unthinkable childhood horrors.  It is believed Sister Cathy was going to expose the sexual abuse scandal — and was killed for it.

The documentary features six victims who allege sexual abuse by Father Maskell, who has since passed away. However, in a recent interview with TheWrap, White said he knew of at least 40 victims.

In the documentary, it is noted that Facebook played a significant role in victims finding the courage to speak out about their experiences and in other survivors offering support.

“The Keepers” debuted Friday on Netflix.