‘The Last Dance’ Trailer Follows Chicago Bulls in Michael Jordan’s Final Season With Team (Video)

New 10-part documentary goes behind in the scenes with team in a tension-filled championship season

The 1997-98 Chicago Bulls are considered one of the greatest basketball teams of all time. That team, led by Michael Jordan, won its sixth title in eight years that season, but, as the trailer for “The Last Dance” shows, not all that took place behind closed doors was as fluid as the action on the court.

“The Last Dance” is a 10-part documentary series that chronicles Jordan’s last season with the Bulls, and features interviews from many of the team’s stars, including Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman and Steve Kerr, as well as head coach Phil Jackson.

The doc showcases Jordan’s legendary competitiveness, the team playing cards on a flight, and several moments of disharmony, including one in which Jackson slammed a door and Jordan kicked over a Miller Lite six-pack box. Also in the trailer, Jordan is seen lamenting that Rodman would go missing for 48 hours and that Pippen could be selfish.

“Competition was an addiction,” Jackson said, while Kerr added: “No matter what we did, it seemed like it was a story.”

“My mentality was to go out and win… at any cost,” Jordan said.

Directed by Jason Hehir (“The Fab Five,” “The ’85 Bears,” “Andre the Giant”) and produced by Mike Tollin, the series examines the simultaneous successes of Jordan and the NBA.

“The Last Dance” will be premiere on ESPN in Summer 2020 and on Netflix in Fall 2020.

Check out the trailer above.