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‘The Last of Us: Part II’ Spoilers Leak Months Ahead of Release

Developer Naughty Dog hasn’t yet commented on the leaks

Spoilers of game developer Naughty Dog’s hotly anticipated sequel “The Last of Us: Part II” have leaked online, IGN reported Monday.

The leaked content was reportedly a list of key events in the game’s plot — as well as recorded gameplay, cutscenes, and the game’s main menu.

“The Last of Us: Part II” will be released by Naughty Dog and Sony exclusively for the PlayStation 4 consoles at a to-be-determined date. Naughty Dog pushed back the release twice — originally the developer said it would put the game out in February, then at the end of May, but said in a statement earlier this month it would delay the game indefinitely and wait until the pandemic is resolved, citing “logistics beyond our concern.” On Monday, Sony Head of Worldwide Studios Hermen Hulst said the game is now planned to release June 19.

It’s still unclear how the content was leaked online, but fans have speculated it was done by a disgruntled former employee of Naughty Dog looking to compromise the title’s launch. Both the videos and descriptors of the spoilers are circulating YouTube, Reddit and Twitter, so fans looking to avoid ruining the plot should tread carefully for the next couple of days.

On Monday gaming website JoyFreak posted links to several videos, which have since been removed from most social media platforms by Naughty Dog and Sony.

Newsweek reported some fans have gone as far as to ask for their pre-order fee back, saying they no longer want to play the spoiled game.

Sophia Narwitz, editor for tech website RT tweeted Monday, “what’s sad about this leak is that it doesn’t hurt Naughty Dog. The game will still sell gangbusters regardless, this is more of an attack on the fans waiting for it.”

NaughtyDog and Sony did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment.