‘The Masked Singer’: Hawk Says ‘They Could Have Dressed Me Up Like a Giant Pile of Poop’ and He Still Would’ve Said Yes

“I would have been so down to just give it my all, and be the best piece of poop anyone’s ever seen,” the actor tells TheWrap



Ten seasons in, “The Masked Singer” is well-known for its incredible costumes, bringing some of the most random objects to life in beautiful ways. But really, the singer behind the Hawk mask didn’t care what costume he got — in fact, he admits that he would’ve said yes to competing even if his costume was quite literally “a giant pile of poop.”

At the end of Harry Potter night on Wednesday, during which Hawk was aptly — or perhaps maybe a little on the nose-ly — sorted into Ravenclaw, the singer underneath the mask was revealed to actually be “Teen Wolf” star Tyler Posey. And, while Posey admitted to TheWrap that he really did want to win it all, he was just happy to be asked to participate.

In fact, when he got the call, he didn’t even stop to ask what his costume on the show might be, because really, he didn’t care one way or the other.

“I’m all in. I am really excited to pull this off,” Posey told TheWrap of his immediate reaction. “I have no idea what they got planned for me, I don’t care, I’m just in. They could have dressed me up as like a giant pile of poop, and I would have been so down to just give it my all, and be the best piece of poop anyone’s ever seen.”

Posey added that it was “kind of hard to put into words” how excited he was after seeing the concepts they actually came up with. And, in the end, that giant Hawk costume was more comfortable than it might look.

“They do do a really, really great job, not just visually, but also with just how it felt inside of it,” he explained. “I felt I had complete mobility, and they do do a really, really, really great job. I’m so shocked by the costume itself, how quickly they made it. They’re like, full on major pros.”

He continued, “I mean, it looks like the suit weighed like 3000 pounds, and it was made of metal, but was pretty light for the most part! And the wings weren’t even that heavy. They do a really good job of making it look authentic, but also making the person wearing it comfortable. And that’s tough. That’s really hard. And they killed it.”

“The Masked Singer” airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.


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