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‘The Masked Singer’ Season 3 Premiere Lands 23.7 Million Viewers After Super Bowl LIV

Fox’s third installment launched immediately after Kansas City Chiefs victory

Fox’s Season 3 premiere of “The Masked Singer” landed 23.7 million total viewers on Sunday, immediately following Super Bowl LIV.

See where that ranks historically by clicking here.

Last year, CBS launched “The World’s Best” out of Super Bowl LIII. The James Corden-hosted competition series drew 22.22 million total viewers. That was down 18% from the prior year’s “This Is Us” on NBC.

On Sunday, Super Bowl LIV scored 102 million total viewers. Each year, the big game provides (by far) the biggest lead-in on all of television. Find our recap of the big game here. A(nother) late comeback victory by the Kansas City Chiefs kept eyeballs glued to the screen.

Last night, rapper Lil Wayne was the first celebrity booted from Fox’s oddball singing competition. He was revealed to be the Robot. The emcee’s new album, “Funeral,” came out on Friday.

“Beat Shazam” host Jamie Foxx was a guest judge on the premiere episode of Season 3.

The third season lineup of “Masked Singer” contestants includes Llama, Banana, Miss Monster, Frog, Mouse, Robot, Kangaroo, White Tiger, Turtle, Astronaut, Swan, Kitty, Bear, Elephant, Rhino, T-Rex, Night Angel and Taco. Between those 18 competitors they’ve “amassed a combined 69 Grammy Award nominations, 88 Gold records, 11 Super Bowl appearances, three stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, more than 160 tattoos and one title in the Guinness Book of World Records,” according to Fox.

According to Fox, the format will be changing slightly in season three. “The contestants will be split into three groups of six – Group A, B, and C. Group A will kick off the first three episodes as they whittle down from 6 to 3 singers,” the studio said in a statement. “Then we will meet Group B as they go from 6 to 3, then Group C. The final 9 contestants from these three groups will then come together and battle it out the rest of the season for the golden mask trophy. As always, one celebrity will still be unmasked in every episode, including the premiere.”

A new episode of “The Masked Singer” will air Wednesday at 8/7c on Fox, which is the show’s regular night and time for the rest of the season.