‘The Mindy Project’s’ Ike Barinholtz Jokes on Hulu vs. Fox Difference: ‘Full Penetrative Sex’

TCA 2015: “I wasn’t ready to say goodbye,” Mindy Kaling tells TV critics on post-Season 3 cancellation

Ike Barinholtz

“The Mindy Project” actor and writer Ike Barinholtz (jokingly) promised TV critics a very different version of the now ex-Fox sitcom on new home Hulu: “Full penetrative sex.”

Barinholtz stated that the device will be used “To open and close the episode.”

But seriously, folks — there will be some differences. For example, “Mindy” on Hulu will move from its four-act Fox format to a three-act structure on the streaming service, producers said Sunday. Also, there will be looser language: Barinholtz recalled for reporters a network notes moment when he was told to not say “Jesus” as part of a throwaway aside improving a scene for the Fox run.

That won’t be an issue on Hulu.

The “Neighbors” actor also told reporters that he is pleased with Hulu’s decision to keep all its original series on a one-episode-per-week basis, opining that binging works much better on one-hour drama than it does for 30-minute comedy.

Creator and star Mindy Kaling agreed. “I like a Christmas episode that airs in December,” she said during her Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour panel.

Kaling also took a moment at the end of her session to thank Hulu for reviving the critically acclaimed comedy: “I wasn’t ready to say goodbye,” she said, calling the transition to her new platform “really smooth.”

Universal TV will continue to produce “The Mindy Project,” which enters its fourth season next month.

While they had a bunch of nationwide critics in one room, Kaling and co. also took the opportunity to tease their upcoming 26-episode streaming season. One exciting installment will follow the road trip trope, with only Barinholtz and Chris Messina appearing on screen. Kaling called the opportunity, “Really fun and play-like.”

Before that though, on the season’s premiere episode, Joseph Gordon-Levitt will guest star, playing an alternate-reality love interest for Mindy. Also this season, Frida Pinto and Fortune Feimster will be on the show; Garrett Dillahunt joins the cast as Mindy’s on-screen Ob/Gyn maternity leave replacement.

As for main character Mindy herself: “She’s sort of at Square 1 once the baby pops out,” producer Matt Warburton said of the titular character’s future as a mom. That said, Kaling promises to keep character changes within her self-imposed “five percent” shift limit.

“The Mindy Project” debuts Sept. 15 on Hulu.