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‘The Nest': Jude Law on Telling a Tale of a Family Torn Apart by Greed (Video)

Sundance 2020: Sean Durkin’s new film follows an ambitious man who transplants his family to London and pays a heavy price

One of the most unnerving films at Sundance was Sean Durkin’s “The Nest,” a tale of a family torn apart by one man’s greed and reckless ambition. Durkin spoke with TheWrap about the film’s origins alongside stars Jude Law, Oona Roche, and Charlie Shotwell.

“I spent a lot of my childhood between America and England. I think I have this clear, tonal difference between the two places…and I always thought [England] would be a good setting for a story,” Durkin told TheWrap’s Sharon Waxman.

Law plays Rory, the overambitious English businessman who emigrated to America to start a family and now wants to take his family back to London in the belief that he can take all he learned in the U.S. and make himself into a multi-millionaire. In his self-absorbed pride, he spends more money than he has on an extravagant house and luxury items, and the lavish surroundings he’s given himself quickly turn into a gilded cage that shatters the contented relationship Rory once had with his family.

“There were so many threads in this family I could relate to,” Law said. “When you look at a family and the interactions of a family, you can see them warring and fighting but you can see huge amounts of love and they go hand in hand.”

“[Rory] takes the family on quite an adventure and stresses them quite considerably, but always with a good intention. So trying to make sure the different motives were clear was what drew me to the character but also what I enjoyed most about playing the character.”

Watch more from the cast of “The Nest” in the clip above.