‘The Newsroom’ Penultimate Episode Ends With Shocking Death

Aaron Sorkin’s HBO drama jumps ahead in time just before its series finale on Sunday, Dec. 14

"The Newsroom"

(Spoiler alert: Do not read on if you have not yet seen Sunday’s penultimate episode of “The Newsroom” entitled “Oh Shenandoah.”)

There’s only one episode of “The Newsroom” left, but not everyone is going to make it that far. Sunday’s penultimate episode of Aaron Sorkin‘s HBO drama featured an unexpected jump ahead in time, and an even more shocking death.

The jump in time allowed viewers a glimpse at ACN without the power and influence of Jeff Daniels‘ Will McAvoy. Will has been fighting to keep the integrity of the news program on hard news, regardless of the ratings, but things have taken a drastic turn.

The jump is only 52 days, but a lot has changed in that time. The jump came after Will and Emily Mortimer‘s Mackenzie McHale tied the knot, and Will wound up in jail for failing to reveal his source. After the time jump, Will still sat there and nothing is the same at #URACN.

Sam Waterston‘s Charlie Skinner is trying to keep things afloat, without upsetting the new direction or completely betraying the original vision of the newsroom, but the same can’t be said for his team.

A staff rebellion over the new direction coming from two sides leads Charlie into a rage spiral that results in a tirade in the newsroom, and ultimately a collapse from an apparent heart attack.

While it wasn’t immediately clear what had happened, a newly freed Will and viewers learned at the same time that Charlie didn’t make it, setting the stage for a very emotional final episode.

“The Newsroom” concludes its three-season run Dec. 14 at 9 p.m. ET.